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No fire pumps to operate

No additional manpower required

No issues with the Fire Services

Reduced corrosion


Compatible Pipe - 1” - 1½“ BS EN 10255 / CPVC
Component Connections - BSP Threaded CPVC connectors available

Perform test without wasting a drop of water

Zonecheck Residential simplifies sprinkler system testing for domestic properties. Its compact design makes it ideal for homes and apartments, its easy to install and allows testing to be performed at the turn of a key. Further to this, each test is performed without wasting a drop of water.

The Zonecheck® solution is simply to connect a pump and create a loop around the water-flow detector, then by switching on the pump, an artificial pressure difference can be created across the water-flow detector. This in turn generates a water flow around the loop, causing the water-flow detector to operate, but this time without any loss of water from the system.


In a standard test, water is discharged from the
sprinkler system to create a flow past the water-flow
detector causing it to operate.

Zonecheck® simply re-circulates the existing water
and the water-flow detector (irrespective of the static
pressure) using a closed system with no water


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